Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break

It is spring break this week for my daughter who is in kindergarten, and so not much of a chance to bring any of my projects to completion, but i am loving having her home. Having full days with her lately, I have had a chance to see what a bright, creative, whimsical, fun spirited, and articulate girl she has grown into this last school season. I mean she has always been that way, but she is even more so now...I have been working on some fun posts in the meantime but haven't had a chance to capture photos of them, so by next week, you may see some of my drafted posts that are from past dates finally up and readable to a wider audience than just me, but you'll have to go back in time and look through the older posts to find them.

on another note, i haven't figured out how to post photos so that they appear after my writing or in the order that i want them when i am just uploading them on blogger, so this post is not presented the way i intended it to be...more to learn

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