Thursday, March 10, 2011

Craving Sweaters

craving a trip to my favorite place to find sweaters to upcycle. if i make it there today, i'll show you what i found.
i have had so many ideas coming to me lately for repurposing wool. a couple of them are baby themed and a couple are mommy themed...i have also been working on finishing some projects and will post those soon...

Six cashmere sweaters today! The chunky cabled sweater on top of the cashmere pile is labeled wool, though it is as soft as the cashmere and i would swear it is mislabeled... The other pile o' sweaters is my misc. wool pile...a loden merino for myself for using as a long john shirt to go under other clothing, a flecked wool cardigan that i might also keep for myself because i adore multi colored flecks in sweaters, not sure what it is about those flecks(you can see a not very good close-up of the flecks above). Next in the pile...a green lovat wool winter coat...gorgeous color...great vintage style, and today was 1.00 day on blue tags, so i paid one whole dollar for the coat!! More to come on this coat in a future post. Last in the pile, another chunky biggie, for another cat pie, a gorgeous heather brown wool.

my other find of the day related to wool was this gorgeous hat, upcycled by some artisan out there, made of a combination of sweaters what looks like angora, lambswool, and a great big vintage button. I love finding handmade inspirations in the thrift stores.

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