Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Need Pants!

this is a photo of my latest deconstruction...i aquired a few of these long 'LIZ AND JANE CLOTHES' t-shirt dresses this summer when out thrifting. the photo does not do the dress justice, it is a lovely ankle length, soft cotton, stone washed or crumple washed look...a couple of the dresses were still lingering on the racks at a church sale and i managed to stuff them into my bag on the day of the bag sale, all in all, i probably spent $7 on the three dresses...originally I envisioned sewing a childs dress, baby onesies, or a pair of comfy pants for my six year old, there is so much wonderful fabric in a t-shirt dress since it is mostly one big rectangle with the meantime the dresses went into my stash of 'clothing to upcycle'. For nine months i have dearly needed pants...comfy make me feel better about a post pregnancy belly that may never go away, and the pile of pants i've outgrown on account of it. it wasn't until i started eyeing up this dress tonight to make pants for my girl, who is sprouting up like vining beans, but still makes do with pants that she has been wearing since she was four, that i realized this dress would be big enough to make pants for me!! After all, the color is a bit drab for my girl who loves pink, and the other two dresses are some version of pinkish violet. i started chop, chop, chopping tonight, on the dress....working the design in my head, wondering what pants, or underwear i can use as a pattern to make that 'just right' fitted butt. a gusset? how wide for the legs? what kind of waist? i love the possibilities when upcycling and working without a real pattern....oh, some applique in the same fabric, maybe near the bottom of the leg, and maybe something small near the thigh...on the side...these may be the coolest pants i have had in to free them from my head...

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