Sunday, March 6, 2011

how much will it shrink?

i love felting sweaters, the surprise awaits behind or under the washer/dryer door. the sweaters generally come out smaller as you would expect, however i have had some come out fuzzier but not smaller, i have had some come out with a cozy softness different from the scratchy wool that originally went in the wash cycle. and the ones with patterns...i just love when the pattern changes and and the hard lines of the design become soft edges that meld into one another. here are two of the exact same scarf. (shown below) i found one of these scarves at our local thrift store with moth holes and it was easy to let that one go into the wash for experimentation. i am glad i never shrunk the first one, because i have since had some ideas that it would make great ribbing for smaller items, and so many colors to choose from.

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