Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Caught Up In The Details...

It has been exactly a month since i posted on this sweater. The reason I haven't finished it, is because I got caught up in the details. It hasn't taken me all this time to stitch every little pussy willow bud, but since i always have a number of projects in my work basket, I just work on them in bits as I find a few minutes here and there. When I dreamed up this sweater...it was going to be entirely different. I had a silk tie picked out that I was going to use to trim the sweater, and it was going to be a cardigan with vintage buttons. After playing around with it for a while though, it took an entirely different path.

Baby sweater in progress...

I wasn't sure how I should attach the pussy willow flowers, so I experimented with a couple different variations. The bottom one looks like an albino coffee bean, and the second one up is fine , but in the end I decided to do a stitch that wouldn't show. The top three are stitched on using a hidden stitch, which I just made up as I went, but I think there is really a stitch called that. I used Nymo beading thread, and ran it through beeswax each time I applied a new flower, however I think regular thread would have been adequate.

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  1. That looks fantastic! I might need to put pussy willows on one of my pillows now, if you don't mind me borrowing the idea :). Your "hidden stitch" is really cool... you can't see a thing!

  2. Hi! I love the sweater...just darling. I found you through resweater. I'm a felted sweater/recycled anything nut, too! I'm happy to have found you. :)

  3. I love the pussy willows! What a beautiful sweater. I'm over from resweater also. Glad to have found you.

  4. adorable! I love the details.

  5. Thanks everyone for the generous comments!!

    Kris-Pussy willows would look great on one of your pillows!