Sunday, April 10, 2011

Construction Of A Sweater

For the past two days i have been enduring a migraine, that is accompanying my "bloody days." Between curing myself with dark chocolate, ice packs, and rest, i have been able to, during the tolerable moments of my body aching, be up and dabbling with the challenge of constructing this sweater for my littlest gal. I love the phase of construction in making things. I think i probably learned this love, or passion from my dad who in his earlier days, restored and constructed from a mere rusty skeleton of a car body, beautiful pre-war chevrolets. how do you translate working on cars to clothing? That is something i am still pondering.

The sweater being upcycled is 100% Cashmere, thrift store find, heather beige, size medium, lightly felted.

The Before Sweater:

In Construction Phase...

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